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President Bernie Machen
The decision to come to UF is one that you'll look back on with a lot of satisfaction. I know because I made that same choice ten years ago.
Bernie Machen, UF President

Welcome Home

Other Gators can't stop talking about you.

Gators everywhere are tweeting about the newest generation headed to UF. Current Gators, alumni and your fellow class of ’18 Gators are part of a huge, supportive family that is just as excited as you about your admission. They know what a special feeling it is. Because it’s a feeling that never leaves.

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UF on YouTube

The Gator Nation is everywhere. Including YouTube. Check out these and dozens of other UF-related videos that capture the spirit of the Gator experience.

Rise and Shine, Gators - #UFRising

Visit our new #UFRising website and discover all of the ways UF is indeed rising.

UF Preview

Get your own sneak preview of UF Preview, an immersive orientation program that welcomes new students and families to the University of Florida.

Freshman Move-In Days

Experience a day in the life of freshmen as they make the big move into their new home: the University of Florida.

Student Section - Florida Gators

The next best thing to being a part of the crowd. Watch Rowdy Reptiles, masked men, talented Dazzlers and (controlled) court-side chaos.